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accessories for leatherware and cases
combination locks
Locks and catches for luggage and other cases
Locks for briefcases,satchels, ladie's and men bag
Handles, handle fittings and wheels.
Hinges and other fittings
Carrelli / Trolley
machines for fixing accessories

It is a machine for the assembling both of the locks that of the hinges, completely pneumatic, proper for various measures of boxes and various wood thickness.
The regulations are easy and fast thanks also to the by now thirty-years experience of our firm in the application of locks, hinges, handles and other in the sector of the leatherware and the box in general. In the years our firm has been able to face and to resolve to the best all the difficulties of application that it has met for the various typologies of used woods and for the demands of the customer.
Machine in order with the severe dispositions in safety subject, provided anymore of double button of start plus a certified valve of safety.
The start of the machine happens without having to hold the box and the cover, therefore in all safety and convenience.
The machine is equipped with dies for the assembling of the locks and for the assembling of the hinges and accessories. These dies together with the particular construction of the machine and to that of our locks and hinges also allow the insertion of the accessories on very hard woods and of big thickness. (12 mm or more).

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